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American English – conventional chinese language “2200 Nouns with 3 Syllables” Vocabulary Guide
美式英語—繁體中文 「2200個三個音節讀音的名詞」 詞彙指南

Every yr, the necessity grows for higher conversation among the yank and chinese language peoples. higher conversation is a needs to if enterprise interactions, political discourses, schooling, social settings, and cultural exchanges are to achieve their greatest profit and effectiveness. This publication is a part of a sequence of vocabulary courses that aid to extend analyzing, writing, spelling, and conversing talents within the American English, Simplified Chinese/Mandarin/Putonghua, and conventional Chinese/Cantonese languages.

每年,美國和中國人民之間的交流需求都會增加。 如果商業互動,政治話語,教育,社會環境和文化交流要實現其最大的利益和效果,那麼更好的溝通是必須的。 本書是一系列詞彙指南的一部分,有助於擴展美國英語,簡體中文,國語/普通話和繁體中文/粵語的閱讀,寫作,拼寫和口語技能。

This publication has 4 basic goals.

(1) utilizing the lists of phrases during this publication, support the reader increase their analyzing, writing, and spelling abilities in American English.
(2) utilizing the lists of phrases during this booklet, aid the reader increase their interpreting, writing, and spelling talents in conventional Chinese.
(3) utilizing the lists of phrases during this ebook and dealing with a local or informed American English speaker, aid the reader enhance their pronunciation abilities in American English.
(4) utilizing the lists of phrases during this booklet and dealing with a local or informed Cantonese speaker, aid the reader increase their pronunciation talents in Cantonese.



How this ebook is Organized

This booklet is split into parts.
In “PART 1: ORDERED through ENGLISH ALPHABET”, the phrases are in alphabetical order in line with the English alphabet.
In “PART 2: ORDERED through conventional chinese language STROKE COUNT”, the phrases are ordered through the variety of strokes within the first and moment characters of the chinese language word.



Vocabulary advisor Books

All vocabulary consultant books come in simplified chinese language, conventional chinese language, and simplified/traditional chinese language models. American English is incorporated in all versions.

The 'Lists' sequence comprises the next books.
▪ energetic Lifestyle
▪ Calendar / vacation trips / Time
▪ day-by-day Life
▪ schooling / govt / faith / War
▪ nutrition and Drink
▪ Language Fundamentals
▪ arithmetic / Nature / Science
▪ global Geography

The 'Parts of Speech' sequence contains the subsequent books.
▪ 1600 Nouns with One Syllable
▪ 2300 Nouns with Syllables
▪ 2200 Nouns with 3 Syllables
▪ 1100 Nouns with 4 or extra Syllables
▪ 2300 Verbs
▪ 2000 Adjectives
▪ 900 Adverbs
▪ 154 Articles / Conjunctions / Interjections / Prepositions / Pronouns



▪ 積極的生活方式
▪ 日曆/節假日/時間
▪ 日常生活
▪ 教育/政府/宗教/戰爭
▪ 食物和飲料
▪ 語言基礎
▪ 數學/大自然/科學
▪ 世界地理

▪ 1600個一個音節讀音的名詞
▪ 2300個兩個音節讀音的名詞
▪ 2200個三個音節讀音的名詞
▪ 1100個四個或多個音節讀音的名詞
▪ 2300個動詞
▪ 2000個形容詞
▪ 900個副詞
▪ 154個冠詞/連接詞/感嘆詞/介詞/代名詞

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